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The CurePity movement asks the public to reject pity and take action. But how? Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Facebook: Spread the Word

  • Update your status: Share this sample message – I took the pledge to #CurePity! CurePity is a commitment to moving attitudes forward—away from pity and toward acceptance of kids who have disabilities or complex medical conditions. Make a difference by signing the pledge now:
  • Add a CurePity cover photo to your profile: Choose a powerful image from the CurePity Toolkit to use as your Facebook cover photo.

Twitter: Join the Conversation

  • #CurePity: Search #CurePity to join the conversation with fellow pledge signers.
  • 140 characters make a difference: Share this sample message – I pledged to #CurePity for children who have disabilities. Join me to make a difference! via @GilletteChildrn
  • Retweet: Follow @GilletteChildrn on Twitter so that you can stay up-to-date on the CurePity movement and retweet our inspiring messages.

Instagram: Get Creative

  • Take a photo: Share a photo that speaks to you about your reasons or involvement to #CurePity.
  • Use our photo: Share “I took the #CurePity pledge photo” on Instagram.
  • #CurePity: Search #CurePity to discover how others are bringing this movement to life.

Pinterest: Pin the Pledge

  • Power to the pin: Repin our #CurePity badge by clicking here.
  • You’re in good company: Discover who else has signed the pledge (Lady Gaga, Joe Mauer and more) by clicking here.

Bloggers: Share Inspiration

  • Write About CurePity: Find inspiration under Why CurePity?  to develop a blog post about the campaign.
  • Add a blog badge or logo: Choose a powerful blog badge, image or logo from the CurePity Toolkit to add to your blog.

Email: Share CurePity

  • Write an email to your friends and family, explaining what CurePity means to you and inviting them take the pledge. Or you can cut and paste the message below:

Dear [Insert Name],

Please join me in taking the CurePity pledge! CurePity is a campaign championed by Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare—the nation’s first hospital for children who have disabilities.

The message is simple: Children who have disabilities don’t need pity. They need hope, expert medical care and a world that give them a chance.

When you take the pledge you promise to reject pity and take action to improve the lives and health of children who have disabilities. Can you join me in supporting this important message? 

Visit today to become part of the cure!

Get Your Company Involved

  • Encourage Partnership: Talk to your organization’s leadership team about becoming a CurePity corporate partner.
  • Share the Pledge: Ask about sharing the pledge with your coworkers and customers in your company newsletter or through your company’s social media channels.