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Why CurePity?

Because attitude matters.

The way people think about disabilities either creates opportunities—or obstacles. Not long ago, many people believed that children who have disabilities couldn’t attend school, play sports or become active members of their communities. Such children faced misperceptions and discrimination. They received inadequate health care. They were kept apart from their families and the public.

They were objects of pity.

Because when you reject pity, you are moving everyone forward.

People like you rejected pity. You chose action. You fought to establish and protect the rights of people who have disabilities. You developed new medical treatments and technologies. You designed accessible buildings and lesson plans. You taught your children acceptance.

Because you have the power to influence others.

Without people like you influencing attitudes and fighting for change, we risk falling back into a pity mindset. We must never lose sight of the past or cease imagining an even brighter future. By joining the CurePity movement, you join a legion of people committed to rejecting pity and taking action to move everyone forward.

You become part of the cure.

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John Gainor